Toll Free Services (1- 800)


        Toll-free service allows callers to reach your Organization through a unique toll number across the country without having to pay for the telephone call. 

        Toll Free Service provides free, quick and easy access for Enterprises to reach out to their Extended Enterprises such as customers, business partners as well as employees. Our Intelligent Network provides advanced call routing options gives the flexibility to route calls as per the business processes and rules. 
        We also offers 1860 (Local Access) service where the caller pays the local call charges as applicable from their phones and the subscriber also pays the part of the call charges. All the features & benefits of  Toll Free Service are also applicable to this service. 



       Unleash your business potential globally with our  ITFS across the globe. We offers an International Toll Free number for callers outside India to reach your Organization in India free of charge, by dialing a unique toll free number from their country. The calls are answered at a location in India and are charged to the Organization or the Called Party instead of the Calling Party which could be customers, employees, vendors or partners.

Consider ITFS for your business

  • If you are based in India, having markets / customers / employees / business partners in international locations
  • If you want to carry voice traffic from international markets to India.
  • If you are looking for carrier class delivery of switched voice traffic with high availability and end-to-end redundancy.