It’s good news for your business when a lead shows an active interest in your products/services and wants to be contacted. However, the final outcome largely depends on how soon you contact the lead. For a business that relies on inbound calls to its call center, the lead’s call is taken by a call center agent who understands the need, qualifies the lead and passes it on to the relevant sales representative, and then the lead has to wait till he/she is contacted. 

        In a world where attention spans are rapidly shortening, smart companies spare no effort in contacting their leads quickly. Insta CallBack is an intelligent telephony service that connects a prospect as soon as he/she expresses an interest in your offering to the relevant sales representative. As soon as the lead expresses an interest by leaving his/her number on your website, sending you an SMS, giving you a missed call or scanning your QR code, the service automatically connects your designated sales representative(s) to the lead in a telephone call.